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 Hell's rise

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PostSubject: Hell's rise   Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:10 am

Lilith sat upon her newly aquired throne and sent Adalicia to give a message for all sinner's to gather at the fourth level of hell at the cauldron. Lilith was angry about the vizard who had killed her before..and now that she ran hell it was time to make that anger...proactive.

When the sinner's arrived they would each be given a pamplate and that pamplate would say whatever it was Lilith wanted it to say. So when she had something new to say to them the booklets would glow and form new content to read.

For now it would start with a simple, "Greetings my fellow hell denizens. Welcome to the first meeting under the rule I am Lilith..I have seen our realm change much recently..and I'm tired of the confusion and idleness we are experiencing..So I offer a foe worthy of our attention. The called shinigami who went and obtained powers of the hollow."

The books paused here and Lilith looked at each person who showed up individually before they glowed and showed new content, giving everyone the time to read it, "I'll be blunt and precise.. I want the vizard wiped out. No... I NEED..the vizard..wiped out. Hell's powerful inhabitants shall rise from the gate and slaughter these pathetic creatures."

She smiled and motioned for adalicia to come closer to her.. When this happened Lilith began to pet her attack dog with what almost seemed like loving affection.

"My friends.. I like war.." The booklet said, "My friends..I love war.. I need it..I crave it.. I desire it more than I do existance itself.." The booklets paused for a moment before continuing, "So with..or without you.. my friends.. I am going to war.. I am going to carve a bloody path across the face of japan if I have too to wipe out the vizard. who will join me?"


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PostSubject: Re: Hell's rise   Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:26 pm

Suger was in her room when she heard that she was being called. She was busy scanning a few photos of her old friends. Taking a pacific photo and looking at it she saw it was of herself wearing a sinner mask, next to a blonde haired boy on her left and towards her right was a red headed boy. A dark resentful expression then appeared on her face before standing up and taking her umbrella to leave. However just before she left, she made sure to stuff the picture down her pocket.

A young looking girl with purple punk styled hair and bright yellow eyes walked through the doors carrying a black umbrella. She was humming a lovely song as she walked almost gracefully into the room. She wore an adorable black Lolita dress with white lace and white ribbons and matching shoes. She held an almost childish grin which made her look quite adorable; much more adorable than what she really was.

Once she entered, she curtseyed before her leader before she took hold of the pamplate and read it; she had almost forgotten that their new leader couldn’t speak. Giggling a bit she sat at her seat; she didn’t like the fact that her papa was missing and she didn’t like it that someone knew had taken her papa’s place, but she did know that whoever took her papa was going to pay dearly. For the moment she believed that the vizards had something to do with it and for now until she is strong enough to say otherwise, she was going to follow this women.

A wide smile graced the young girls face when she read what she wanted done to the vizards. “How interesting…” she sang as she commented. Before it continued saying how she needs war and how she craved it. With each word the girls face became darker and darker with excitement as her smile became a wicked grin. Standing up as soon as she read who would join. The little princess was the first to speak up. “I will join you my majesty and I will promise you, it will be raining blood and their cries will be your music box. I will leave no survivors as I will torture them till they beg for their lives to be taken!”

Suger was the horseman of Famine, not that she was always hungry; it was the fact that she could never be satisfied no matter what she did. she was always hungry for things she couldn't have and she wanted to be satisfied. if killing a full race could make her satisfied, then she would stop at nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Hell's rise   Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:08 am

Xaner was bathing in the lava pits of hell. Not just any lava pit, but the one lava pit that actually ressurects killed sinners. It was not as much bathing as it was like sitting in a jaccuzi. The Squire of Famine didn't know why he liked the lava even though he hated fire more than anything else, but then again he was a smart amnesiac... He was a living contradiction.

As he was in the lava pit, he was reading Dante's Journal, the very same one Nin had given him before the disappearance. He was nearing the end of the journal, yet there were a couple bookmarks placed throughout the journal, marking pages of interest that had instructions on how to find or create or summon very powerful weapons or beings that can be used to create mass destruction or chaos. On page 1,746, he had to stop reading because another sinner was approaching him...

It was none other than Adalicia Blas, the 'attack dog' of queen Lilith. She gave news of a meeting that was going to be held at the present, which made the sinner smile. When he smiled, he wasn't wearing his executioner style sinner mask. And since he wasn't wearing his executioner's mask, Adalicia could see the black smoke emanating from his mouth. When she had left, Xaner got out of the pool and put on punk styled, pure black pants and boots, put his executioner's mask on, which had a big white X right over where his mouth was. Then he threw his shirt into the lava after noticing that it had a hole in it from the fight in Toronto he was previously killed in... While the black tanktop burned, he Blinkened on to the meeting.

When he had arrived at the meeting, it was only Lilith and his horseman, Sugerita Utu, there at the moment. He gave a gentelmanly bow to Suger and Lilith, then took his respective seat to the right of Suger. Xaner picks up the pamphlet and reads the words that appeared on them. It was not interesting enough at first, but when the words changed, the silver eyes of the black haired sinner seemed to glow, interested by this changing pamphlet that can change due to whatever their mute leader wanted to say. He wanted to know how they worked, but he'll ask that question later at a more appropriate time.

He was about to make a statement, but his horseman had interjected and gave full support to Lilith's, 'destroy all vizards' campaign. After the interjection by Sugerita, the silver eyed sinner gives a hearty laugh. One that did not give any signs of happiness, joy, or excitement... But one that just hinted to what he was about to say was filled with just pure devilish evil.

"Well, good afternoon friends. It's nice seeing and meeting you all, but I do have to say this... That does seem like a good plan, killing all the vizards," Xaner begun with a smile hidden beneath his mask, "But that's only if we are in a battle with the sinners. If we actually go to an actual war, then we'd not only want to kill the vizards, but to decimate and destroy all the vizards entirely. I suggest that we find a way to cause their allies to turn on them, doubt the vizard motives, misplace trust, cause tension, etcetera. So, when the time is right, no one could interefere with us as we slaughter the vizards."

Then he turns to Lilith and says nicely, "If you are interested in destroying the vizards and what they stand for, I have a good couple of ideas on how to do so. If you want my ideas, just say so my liege."

Even though some call Xaner a suck up, he is quite the opposite. He is actually on his own schedule, so to speak, even if it works corespondantly to another's schedule. And, in this case, is agenda would be to side with Lilith and destroy the Vizards, getting rid of a nuisance that most hate because of their half-breededness...
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PostSubject: Re: Hell's rise   Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:28 pm

A young woman with silver hair and purple eyes entered the room Adalicia blas told her to go to. She looked completely human now, barring her pale grey skin. She'd learned to completely repress her scales and wings so that she could disgues herself as something less demonic, Like a human. Helena wore a blood red cloak, a gift from Nin himself when before he vanished, and a grey top and skirt edged with silver. She wore no shoes but her feet were undamaged or dirtied by the harsh ground regardless.

She took her booklet and found a comfortable place to sit, and looked at the booklet, reading what Lilith was saying. She stayed very quiet until the last part of who will join me apeared on the page. Then she looked up to regard Lilith with a feint smile. Xaner was speaking, so she let him finish before speaking. "Dear queen, you came from the darkness when my lord Nin vanished or abandoned us. And you promise us war. How could I say no?" Her eyes filled with a lust for blood as they momentarily flashed fully purple.

Then she regarded Xaner. "What you want to do is time wasting freind. We are sinners, we die and come back. No matter how hard they try, they'll eventually expire. We can have so much more fun with a barrage of direct assaults that leaves them no time to breath in between." She said. She Didn't care for mentally hurting them or breaking their alliances, she just wanted to tear the flesh from their bones with her claws.

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PostSubject: Re: Hell's rise   Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:05 pm

Xull Was out-side Nin's castle which the new Queen had taken up residence,Xull was just siting and awaiting his retrun from where he went Xull did this most days when he wasnt oput casuing trouble else where, in the other worlds. Xull wasn't sure to stay but Nin said if he left he would kill him, so Xull stayed. Xull hear a meeting been called, he stood up and ragziged he way to the meeting chamber and broke the window and walked in, turned and kneeled
"sowwy i forgottens were the door was'in, um what this'en all about?"Xull picks up the booklets and sit on the ground beside helena pokes Helena " what'en are these?i dont be understanding them werid'en sypblos, what we going to edoing?"
Xull listen in slience as the others spoke.
Xull stood up as it began to finally click and put his hand up in the air like a child excited to prove he has the answer and spoke
"The facemask guys we going the hurt them’em? Hmmm that’um sound fun if a break mask i get a Proze? Then me wokren extra hard to kill’em the masksface guys. if you maaasiten wanten me to doing it course"

Xull sit back on the ground beside helena like a bordered child awaiting his next order.playing wiht the dust on gorund humming and acent tune from he past.
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PostSubject: Re: Hell's rise   Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:33 am

Adalicia happily accepted her masters orders and immediately started her rounds through the depths of Hell, tracking all of the Sinners down. She would report her masters orders and return as fast as she could... She hated being apart from Lilith. The girl looked as if she were seventeen years old, but most Sinners wouldn't assume her age from a simple look. She had abnormally pale skin, even for a Sinner, and pitch black neck length hair. Peeking out from behind her hair were extraordinarily green eyes that made it seem like the only color in a black and white movie. Her finger and toe nails were painted black and her lips were barely tinted black naturally.

The girl wore skin tight, black leather pants that were laced up the sides, showing skin on her legs and were neatly tucked into black combat boots. From her waist to two inches bellow her bust was bare and so were her shoulders. Wrapped around her bust and her bust only was a black leather strap and wrapped around her neck was her signature collar. A metal piece of silver that suppressed her reiatsu til a certain point.

After making her rounds around Hell, she returned hastily to her Master, already seeing Sugar, Xaner, Helena and Xull at the meeting. Ada took a plamplet and laid it on the corner of the table next to Lilith. She took a step back and stood next to her Master Lilith's right side, just a little behind her. When the woman beckoned her closer, she stepped directly next to her and stood there obediently. Adalicia's eyes scanned the plamplet occassionally, but were mainly on the Sinners around her. She wanted to make sure Lilith was safe.

When Lilith began petting her skin tenderly, a loud purr could be heard escaping her lips. She thouroughly enjoyed herself when she could feel Lilith's skin on hers... Even more so when it was sensual like it was now. Even though they weren't an item, she always did have an unnatural attraction to the woman whom controlled her. As more and more of the Sinners began piping up and accepting their positions as followers of Lilith, her tension eased. Her green orbs turned to look at her beautiful Master.

"As always, M'lady, I am right by your side, on your rear. in front of your or whereever you need me. I am your most loyal companion, minion and slave. I will forever be yours to order around and I will always be right where you need me the most. Point your fingers and I'm there, as always. And I will [i]kill[/] anyone or anything that stands in your way or threatens your life. Especially the Vizards."

The girl knew why her Master wanted them dead and she wanted them dead as much as she did, for what they did to Master Lilith. She would kill any number of them for her.
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PostSubject: Re: Hell's rise   

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Hell's rise
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