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 AUG Assault rifle (not buying it, making it for the coalition shop)

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PostSubject: AUG Assault rifle (not buying it, making it for the coalition shop)   Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:29 am

Item name: AUG Rifle

Description: A standard assualt rifle that boasts high accuracy and good stopping power.
Effect: Scope: Comes with a long X6 zoom scope, though the buyer can replace this with standard Iron sights.
Underbarrel Grip and torch: comes with an underbarrel grip and torch attached. If the buy takes an optional underbarrel attachment, these will be removed.
Clip: The clip holds 30 rounds. Max of 3 including the one in the gun. Weapon is bullpup (clip behind the trigger.) allowing for faster reload in skilled hands and a more balanced weight.
Semi auto fire: The AUG A3 is set to semi Auto fire, meaning 1 shot per pull of the trigger. This helps with recoil control and accuracy.
Optional attachments: The gun can be equipped with an underbarrel granade launcher or Underbarrel master key, and a smart scope. Option attachments cost more.
Price: for the coalition shop, so I'd like some suggestions on this.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1 allowed.

Item name: AUG Underbarrel Granade launcher.

Description: A standard Granade launcher than can fire the coalition smoke and energy granades a good deal farther than most people could throw them.
Effect: Can fire smoke and energy granades up to 50 ft.
Price: 200 + granades from the coalition shop.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1. Cannot be baught if the user has a master key attached to their AUG A3.

Item name: AUG Underbarrel masterkey launcher.

Description: Simply put, a shotgun attached to the underside of the Aug's barrel.
Effect: Allows the user to quickly fire a shotgun blast. works exactly like the coalitions shotgun, but holds only 4 rounds, and must be reloaded by hand, 1 at a time. Comes with enough shells for 3 reloads.
Price: 400
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1. Cannot be baught if the user has a granade launcher attached to their AUG A3.

Item name: AUG smart scope.
Description: A x6 zoom scope that can be used to remotely direct special rounds for the AUG.
Effect: Scope: When the user fires the special ammo, they can make the bullet turn by moving the gun. If they aim right, the bullet will curve right. If the aim left, or up, or down, the same thing happens. This allows a for a greater chance of hitting a moving target. However, they can only fire one bullet at a time.
Rounds: A flachette round that uses microfins to turn it in the air and follow the movement of the scope. They move half the speed of a standard bullet however. The buyer gets one clip with 15 a clip per thread.
Price: 500
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1

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Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Re: AUG Assault rifle (not buying it, making it for the coalition shop)   Tue May 21, 2013 8:19 pm

The gun, stock, 400 desai.

Easily the most expensive gun possible for the Coalition. Certainly Coalition only and not for just any person with enough money to buy it.


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AUG Assault rifle (not buying it, making it for the coalition shop)
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