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 Mikhail Romanov (wip)

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Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Mikhail Romanov (wip)   Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:56 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Mikhail Romanov
Age: 13 to 14
True Age: One Month
Sex: Male


Likes: Flavored drinks (tea, soda, coffee, fruit drinks, things like that), good food, pretty people.
Fears: Spiders. heights. mice.

Character Appearance

Height: 4'10"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Physical Traits: Picture below except with black speckles in his hair and cyan eyes instead of red. He also has a strange, black tattoo that covers his left shoulder and a very small part of the left arm. His spine is also very prominent, like it was enhanced somehow.

Clothing: Varies. But is always barefoot
Accessories: varies.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: He stands there and let his defensive ability do all the work. He isn't offensive by nature. Unless he's feeling evil. Then expect his two dark spells hurled at you. Or if he's feeling particularly good or righteous about beating the crap at you, holy spells. Rarely both at once or in one post. Thing is though, if you get past his wind defense, he's screwed. Armor piercing stuff destroys him.

Strengths: Spiritual energy...and metric fucktons of it. Sensing.

Weaknesses: Strength, durability, physical stamina, speed.

Primary Stage

Ability Name: Wind Defense
Description: This ability is tied with the odd tattoo. It uses a mix of detecting surface hostility towards Mikhail and Mikhail's own ability to sense reiatsu to activate. It deflects anything weaker than a cero, but also matches cero leveled attacks with a wind blast itself. Or block it with a 1 post cd. Blocking or attacking attacks that are higher receives the appropriate cooldowns. It will also attack the opponent in a cutting fashion, like a blade of wind. But only within ten feet of him. This barrier is around him 24/7, though weakens dramatically when injured or sleeping. If you don't have any malice or surface hostility towards him or anything, you can cuddle him however much you want.

Ability Name: Dark Spike
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: Creatures of the Void
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: Holy Bullets
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: Right Hand of God
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Back Drop

Background: The culmination of evil and holy, he has a very odd signature. With Yuri's main body (that was broken up) as a base and Alexei's DNA added, he's what a child between the two brothers would look like. He's a blank slate, initially started two weeks before Yuri went through his experience, but then with his body added did Mikhail's body start to take shape, with exceptionally mild interference. All he knows is his name, how to walk, put on clothes, toilet trained, and that he needs to eat and drink to survive. He is completely illiterate.

Side Notes: Is meant to be around 2-3, 2-4. But nothing stronger please.
RP Sample: elephant

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Mikhail Romanov (wip)
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