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 **Coalition Before The War Meeting**

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PostSubject: **Coalition Before The War Meeting**   Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:26 am

Lance picked up his goods and hopped out the door, jumping his way at high speed towards the Coalition building. Standing on the roof he pulled out his cellphone, connecting a message to the leaders of each branch in the Coalition, the message would read, "There are important things to discuss, I need you all to arrive at the Coalition HQ meeting room ASAP today. Sorry for the short notice but there are important things on the rise. Further information will be talked about, any further questions will be directed to me at the meeting." Upon sending the message, he hopped down the building, grabbing onto the top of the window to the meeting room, swinging himself inside. He figured he would use a simple text message this time, some of them didn't seem to enjoy the robobunnies he made them before.

Lance pulled out an extra chair, setting it next to his and placing pillows on it before having Cal sit on it, able to look at the whole table, "There C-man, you're looking pretty damn cool." He looked at the stereo, "Hmm, they didn't seem to enjoy the rap last time, whatever, guess people don't get poetry anymore..." He walked to his chair and moved it out a bit, placing his cellphone on the table and sat down, awaiting for his members to arrive so he could begin.

Lance leaned back in his chair, "Hopefully we'll all get along this time, hopefully things between them all settled down and they are actually ready to start acting like a team..." He leaned over the table, putting his elbows on the table and rested his head against his hands, covering his mouth as he awaited their arrivals.
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Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Re: **Coalition Before The War Meeting**   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:20 am

Alexander was filling out the order form for the equipment Dino had ordered for his Police Department when he recieved the text. Figuring it might have to do with their fortress city, he invited the Police Chief to come with him. The six foot tall bounto entered, nodded a greeting to their leader, and took his seat, while Dino explained. "If this has anything to do with New York's defense, I'd like to be involved. The NYC Police Department is as much a part of this city's defense as are you guys. As its chief, I think it appropriate that I am also involved. However, if what you're discussing has nothing to do with NYC's defense, I'll kindly take my leave." The six foot tall, silver haired man stood to the side of the door, awaiting a response. If yes, he would take his spot next to Alexander Kerensky. If no, he would continue with his business and return to his own office in another part of the city. If invited in to go ahead and listen in, he would do the same as if he was allowed to be a part of the city's defense.

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PostSubject: Re: **Coalition Before The War Meeting**   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:21 pm

Fritz was out in the training areas again today. It has been 3 days since his fight with Dino Tomoshibi, and he has fully healed from that battle altogether. It was a fantastic fight that helped Fritz's training, even though he didn't feel any difference in his strength as of yet. Fritz was in the middle of endurance training, which consisted of him bashing his body against many things and shooting himself in the gut with his cero finger gun, when he got a call. He opened his phone and saw that Lance texted him. It was an invitation to a Coalition meeting. Fritz smiles, knowing that it has been far too long since the last meeting.

So, Fritz puts his black tanktop on. Then the 6ft tall silver haired arrancar, whose right eye was blue and left eye was red, back to New York.

After about an hour, Fritz arrives at the front door of the Coalition HQ. He enters it and gives a friendly smile and wave to the desk attendant, who does the same to him. He walks into the elevator and presses the number 13, the floor where his own room was located.

After 10 minutes on the thirteenth floor, he re enters the elevator in a saphire blue button-up with a silver vest over it. He presses the button to the top floor and rides it to the top, towards the meeting. He walks to the door and opens it, finding Lance, Kerensky, and surpisingly Dino in there. He smiles and waves, saying, "Hello friends, what are we doing today?"
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PostSubject: Re: **Coalition Before The War Meeting**   Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:19 pm

The sounds of snipping filled the empty white bathroom; there was not a soul in the house with the exception of the owner of the pair of scissors. The snipping sound seemed endless as several blood red strips of hair began to fall strip by strip onto the floor. Trembling pale hands held a razor sharp scissors towards his neck as if he were about to slit his own throat, however he did so not as he swiftly slit the long strains of hair that had seemed to grow over the period of time.

Down on his knees wearing nothing, but a patience outfit the red head continued to cut the strains of hair. His skin was a sickening color as it was a pale with dark bruises, unnatural scars and bright blue veins which stuck out brightly from his skin. The bathroom was also white and so were the walls as if it were to be some mental home; however the crimson red hair looked almost contrasted in the bright white room. Bright red hair covered the floor and the snipping sounds finally ceased to exist.

Trembling thin hands uneasily gripped onto the sink of the bathroom as the young teen attempted to pull himself up towards the mirror. Keeping his head bowed, his face was not viewed until after looked up into the mirror. Lifting up his face, one could see countless bruises and scars that were inflicted upon him. His eyes consisted of black cat like pupils, red right iris with no left iris and black scelera. It was an almost psychotic yet nightmarish vision as the male slowly took the pair of scissors towards his right eye…

The sound of a cellphone suddenly awoken the red head from his hellish nightmare; bright blue eyes jolted wide awake as the teen lifted from his bed. The hotel room was pretty empty and yet it still made the red head a bit uncomfortable. Calming down the red headed elf slowly looked at his cellphone which continued to ring almost becoming quite annoying as the red head almost angrily picked it up to look at his messages. His message box was more than just full; being gone a little over a month really paid its toll.

"There are important things to discuss; I need you all to arrive at the Coalition HQ meeting room ASAP today. Sorry for the short notice but there are important things on the rise. Further information will be talked about, any further questions will be directed to me at the meeting." Read the message.

Sighing sounding almost very exhausted, the red head pushed himself up from the bed and slowly began to make his way towards the bathroom. Leaning over the sink, the red head stared at his own reflection for a brief moment to get a good look at himself. It had been six days since he returned and yet he still looked terrible; he was still covered in bruises and strange scars, his bluish white skin had gotten some color, but it was still too noticeable. His left cyber eye 2000 looked a bit creepy as it was a contrasted glowing blue unlike his right eye which looked fine if it wasn’t for the dark circles due towards lack of sleep.

Having doubts about showing up in the meeting, the red head decided he was going to go anyway. Putting on his outfit, he decided that he was going to try to cover himself up completely. Placing a medical patch over his left eye, he fixed up his hair which looked cut rather strangely as his bangs were much longer than usual and did well to cover his face while the back was short and spiked up very similar towards his father with the exception of one long strip which was braided.

His outfit consisted a long sleeved black turtle neck shirt that stopped at his knuckles and revealed his bandaged fingers; above that he wore a red short sleeved hoody which had was covered with black strings that hanged and dangled. His caprices were tight and were black with red strings all over it as it stopped right below his knees. His legs however were completely bandaged all the way towards his red, black and white converse which was untied to go with his outfit.

One ear was pierced all the way from the point towards his earlobe while the other ear had a chain that connected the tip of his ear towards his earlobe while he also had a piercing on his tongue in exchange for the one he usually has around his lip. The door knocked and Victory ignored it as he slipt his cellphone in his pocket and opened the window up. Looking down below he was a few stories high when he let himself drop. The door opened and the cleaning lady walked in casually, however Victory was nowhere to be seen.

Slipping in through the window of the coalition building, Victory was afraid he was going to be a little late. However he didn’t look it as he kept his hood up and walked through the hallways casually. “Longtime no see!” Victory stated as he popped his head in the room. Ever sense he was kidnapped during his date with Jun, Victory had gone missing for 47 days before reappearing before Jun’s door step (will be RP when ready). It was only six days after he had escaped and yet, he didn’t seem any different but at the same time he was quite different.

Keeping his head popped in the room he smiled as he saluted the people in the room, Lance Blazer was their leader however Victory didn’t know him too well. Fritz was his ex-council leader and was also a very good friend just like Kerensky, however seeing Dino made the boy slightly quiver in an animated sense as the background became blue. He recognized the man as his boyfriend’s father, however besides Kerensky and a few other members; not too many people knew about his relationship with Jun. “Chief?!” Victory suddenly asked keeping a frozen smile though looked rather strange as his expression was a mixture or dizziness and speechless.

At this point he was still at the door applying his weight onto it as he leaned in; he wasn’t expecting to see Jun’s dad here and yet he wanted to make a good first impression if he wanted to be on his good side. However he didn’t count on a ‘particular’ guest being late and being in a difficult position if either him or the door was pushed; the red headed elf would fall on his face in the room.
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PostSubject: Re: **Coalition Before The War Meeting**   

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**Coalition Before The War Meeting**
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