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Shinigami Template

Basic Info

Name: Kiyozaki Osamu
Age: 24
True Age: 312
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Osamu has epicanthic brown eyes. He is of svelte build, standing at six feet tall and 170 pounds. He carries himself in a relaxed and leisurely manner and most of the time Osamu wears standard Shinigami robes in the conventional manner. He carries a katana in a jet black scabbard. Black gloves cover his hands from a couple of inches above his wrist to the second knuckle of each finger. Each glove is studded along the bones and knuckles with blue sapphire.

Their are many markings on Osamu's lightly tanned skin. At the base of his throat is a caduceus tattoo. Osamu sports an assortment of scars on his fair skin. He has two scars making a cross above his right pectoral muscle. On both his right and left arms are wide lines from his shoulders to his elbows. Continuing beneath the elbows are scars that spiral down to his wrists, with more scar tissue making a line across his palms to the fingers. They look as though they had been cut by wires. On his low back are scars that look like tiers to a triangle, perfectly halved by his vertebrae. During the battle that led to the aforementioned blemishes he received a harsh laceration to his face. The scar tissue prevents him from opening his left eye.

Finally, Osamu also carries a wakizashi not associated with his zanpakutou. The blade is twenty inches long with patterns etched into it to give it flexibility and strength. The hilt is wrapped in blue cotton cord. The hand guard is linear so that it can be hidden. It is strapped to his back beneath his robes and used only when he is forced to activate the first release of his zanpakutou. He slips off the top half of his robes to gain access to it to defend himself.

Osamu often says that there’s no point in pushing against a wall that won’t budge, as it only causes struggles. As a result, he has no interest in rivalry or competition and is happy to go where life takes him.

Tending to be logical and complacent, he just wants to let things happen, but he often guides events if at all possible to work to his advantage. Rarely is he taken aback or caught off guard – as if he'd had a hunch that they would occur - and it is veryt difficult to cause him to lose his composure, though it has happened before. A few of his peers dislike his nonchalant demeanor and believe him to be pretentious because of it.

When speaking to others, he rarely asks a direct question, nor does he usually tell the whole truth, though he never shares a falsehood. It is his belief that all beings will come to know the truths that they must with time, and, to him, it is an insult to their intelligence and discipline to simply push it upon them. He often takes no offense when others direct questions to him, however, for some people think they don't have time to wait for him to figure things out. In times of urgency he will ask questions to receive information quickly, but in more placid occasions he speaks in statements.

Another reason he would rather not speak with qestions is that he sees them as an innocuous form of coercion; it is still coercion, nonetheless. Questions require answers and to give no answer at all is considered blatantly rude, putting people in a difficult social position, and to admit to not knowing the answer risks treating him inferiorly in certain situations. Statements allow another to simply ignore his comment if they are not comfortable with sharing their information and move on without giving insult.

None can deny that he likes where he is and when situations arise he is a force to be reckoned with, refusing to give up until his last breath. The thought of taking a life has no appeal to him and to make sure that he is never tempted to kill without good cause, he maintains eye contact for as long as possible as his enemies fall until their eyes glaze over and they see no more. He hates the sight of watching life fade away into oblivion. Despite his aversion, he knows that death is an inevitable part of life, and so he performs his duty without hesitation.

Osamu is a charismatic and intelligent leader. He usually likes taking his time with most matters and tasks that must be addressed. He generally doesn't care what others think of him, but tends to act amiably to those who look up to him. For all the others, he simply acknowledges them and lets them decide when they wish to encounter him. He says he pledges his loyalty to Soul Society, but his eyes say that he is simply along for the ride.

At his throat he has a tattoo of a caduceus. Because it is above his throat, the fifth gate, he believes he was enabled by some higher power to act freely according to his own goals, perceptions and expressions independently from others. He could function as a messenger or herald, though the message he brings may be unclear or unexpected.

Zanpakutou Name: Kazehimei (Screaming Wind)
Zanpakutou Apparel:
Osamu’s zanpakutou in its sealed form is not dissimilar from most of those seen around Seireitei. It is in the form of a katana with a twenty-six inch blade and ten inch hilt. The curving blade is a very dark grey metal and the hilt is wrapped in a mottled grey cord. The pommel is smoothly crafted blue sapphire. The hand guard, is also fashioned from sapphire in the style of an Iron Cross with etchings to give it texture and strength.

Zanpakutou Spirit:
Kazehimei's almond-shaped eyes are a disturbingly intense yellow that seem able to gaze into a person's soul, weighing one's worth like a judge putting blocks on a scale. His body is strongly muscled and razor-sharp black claws tip the ends of his legs. His white teeth can pierce or crush whatever they seize ad he has a sharp tongue.

Kazehimei can communicate verbally, though he prefers to send his messages through thought. He trains Osamu thoroughly and failure to learn the lessons he offers results in swift punishment until he gets it right, for he is expected to learn everything without having to be told twice.

Osamu believes that the spirit must have been the realm's guardian, or maybe a citizen's companion that had not been there when the glorious city was destroyed, for the dragon is very protective of it and seizes any and every opportunity to contribute to the city's restoration and to revive the long gone inhabitants. He often acts as though another power in the realm destroyed the city, but his companion never speaks of it. Instead of addressing any questions about it, Kazehimei often jokes that Osamu will take over guardianship of the ruin city of Retribution when he dies...

At least... Osamu hopes he's joking...


Zanpakutou Inner World:
The inner world of Osamu’s zanpakutou is that of an utterly ruined city - a realm that is forever cloaked in a devouring darkness. It is a dead, ruined city. Osamu believes that hundreds of communities equal in size to the Court of Pure Souls could fit within the city with room to spare.

Smoke can be seen rising into the sky in some places often in specific patterns despite there being no wind to move it. Some of the patterns can be kanji expressing phrases of despair and stories of injustice. Sometimes the wisps of smoke behave as snakes; slithering into the air, or coiling up and strike harmlessly at unsuspecting bystanders. The atmosphere is austere and gloomy, as though a pall had overtaken the terrain. Nothing is without a coat of dead grime or frost.

Some places in the city are more habitable than others. One of the more dangerous aspects of this realm is that the oxygen levels in some places are dangerously low or frighteningly high. If one resides in them too long, symptoms may occur that can be fatal or disastrous.


Call Out Phrase: Me ni wa me, Kazehimei! (An eye for an eye, Screaming Wind!)
Shikai Apparel:
Kazehimei disappears into a small whirlwind that starts from Osamu's hand and flows outward to the hilt and the blade. Though it seems to be gone, in realizty it simply exists invisibly around his body. Osamu can no longer use his zanpakutou in the form of a katana to defend himself. For this reason, he adopted sapphire studded gloves and a wakizashi.

Shikai Abilities:
Nourishment -

Soul Scream -

Mist -


Call Out Phrase:
Bankai Apparel:
Bankai Abilities:

Back Drop

Quote :
“Never have so few faced so many in the defense of so few. Wait, that doesn’t sound right...”
Osamu was born into the human world to a destitute family in a crime-ridden city. His father was a member of the law-keeping force, but his peers were crooked and corrupt. Osamu, seven years old at the time, suggested that his father let him start a gang to help police the streets. At first, he was adamantly against this, but as time wore on and things became worse and more desperate, he agreed to teach his son about justice and retribution and to let him do as he dreamt abiding by his teachings.

He called his creation "Retribution" and decreased the crime rate, but four years after the establishment of Retribution, a grown-up calling himself “Teishu” began a gang war to unite the gangs. Every leader that did not turn to his cause died gruesomely, causing a panic among their followers. When Teishu unveiled himself, the gangs flocked to his leadership. Those that did not were killed and a war ensued against Retribution for control of the city. After years of struggle, treachery from within would be the downfall of all that had been achieved, and he would be brought before the most evil man in the city to receive his punishment...

Osamu was eventually captured and tortured until death due to loss of blood from an array of wounds inflicted by knife and wires. Osamu was only 16 years old when he finally died in Teishu's warehouse. Teishu’s reign fell shortly thereafter when Sayonosuke took reports of all that had happened in the past years and arrests were plentiful in the month following the fall of Retribution...

Quote :
“Luck is talent meeting opportunity. I have plenty of talent, and I make opportunities happen. That must mean I am a lucky man...”
Osamu spent the next weeks after his death evading strange beasts and black-robed people. When he was finally cornered by two monsters he was rescued by a woman in black robes, calling herself "Shinigami." The things that had chased him were "hollows."

She sent him to Soul Society and recommended he go to the Court of Pure Souls. He excelled in the martial aspects of the Shinigami Academy’s curriculum. He continued being his good-natured and easy-going self and befriended many of his fellow students and was a relentless charmer outside of class. He graduated the academy in two years and was assigned to the 11th Division.

During the sparring rounds, he often ‘lost’ because he would handle his wooden sword like a cane, twirling it around in a tempest of strikes that overwhelmed fellow soldiers that were many years his senior. He saw no reason why he should he use a stick like a bladed weapon. He lived by an unpredictable combat style, but to him it flowed naturally. With his erratic attacks using both weapon and body, he often unbalanced his opponents and his unpredictability proved just as deadly as his body and blade. He found his wakizashi during his time with the 11th, and it has served him faithfully over the years.

Quote :
"You dream that with memories will come knowledge, and from knowledge, understanding. But for every answer you find, a thousand questions arise."
One day, after several years of training himself, he came to a dor during a meditation session. The door opened easily and freely. He could have sworn he heard laughter coming from the realm beyond, but it could have been the wind. After a second of reflection, he walked through the portal and into a realm of ruin and despair. It held an eerie, poetic beauty, but it was not pleasant to look upon. The city alone could easily have fit hundreds of Courts of Pure Souls within its limits with plenty of room to spare.

For a very long time he strode to the city limits to investigate the city and look for survivors, but he never seemed to get closer. Finally, one fateful day, he happened upon a street sign that called the city “Ouhou”... “Retribution”. He met Kazehimei shortly thereafter, and began to learn and control his newly discovered ability...

Quote :
“You may think you are a good person, but you have not been tested yet. Not really. You have not experienced what may well turn you into something you do not recognize. Sooner or later, it will happen; maybe sooner now that you have met me.”
Osamu led a semi-ambitious career in the 11th Division for several years until one mission that went haywire. The battle was hell, but Osamu managed to correct the blunder and made sure that no one else was dead or seriously wounded. Then he was promoted and transferred to the 3rd Division. He mastered his training with Kazehimei during this time and after another long career with the 3rd, he was transferred to the 13th division.

He became an instructor for some of the members of the squad, teaching them his ways of combat, diplomacy and wisdom. He taught them many things about who they were, what they were, and how they had come to be where they were. He also taught that, under the right circumstances, they could radically change into something so primal and evil that they would not recognize themselves...

Quote :
“Sometimes you get the lesson only one time, and it is pass or fail…”
Osamu has learned to both love and hate his zanpakutou. He knows it as a constant companion, but at the same time it is a tool for power. Osamu believes that power never comes without a price. When people finally see his zanpakutou, they will see that power is colder and harder than iron and bone, and that it only thrives on destruction. Osamu maintains that it was power that destroyed the inner world of his zanpakutou, terraforming it from a paradise to a ruinous tale of history, a shadow of its former self.

Overall, he’s a very agreeable man, and many believe he is an easy-going person. He has no misgivings about what he has done, for these acts were not carried out for personal gain, anger, or thrill. He feels no pressure from above or below to make results that don’t need to happen, happen. He is realizing his potential at his own pace as the Vice-Captain of the 8th Division of the Gotei 13. Though he is vigilant in his duty, he conducts himself by his own aspirations and agenda, whether or not that agenda agrees with others...

RP Sample: [Show us what you're made of.]

Osamu and Minori, his Second, made their way through the alleyways that had become their home. They were going to meet with a store owner to get some much needed supplies, as they were the last two of their clan, Retribution. They had devoted their lives to their idea of justice and making the wicked pay for their crimes. They had once numbered over fifty members to stand against a crime lord who had commanded scores of gangs, numbering in easily into the hundreds. The two teenagers had been alone for several months, though they lived by their code and meted out retribution where it was needed.

This day they were running to meet with a contact. Osamu had found a homeless family in need of medicine and the two had taken off deep into enemy territory. They had encountered a group of goons on their way there while they were cutting through buildings and across alleys that they believed had only been known to Retribution. The two leaders incapacitated or killed all but one, who had run away at the beginning of the conflict. They needed to move fast, but they weren't machines...

Osamu and Minori stopped to rest and began to talk of what they would do next. They had been discovered and soon be hunted. It had finally happened.

Both of them were sixteen years old, and had spent their lives together in Retribution from the beginning. She had short auburn hair that framed a determined pair of blue eyes. She was only a few inches shorter than him, but she had much courage. She was just a girl when she joined and had matured into a beautiful, tough young woman. She’d never received a formal education except for what she learned from Osamu, and, having combined his teaching with her imagination, he often joked that he was afraid of her. They were very close and they cared for each other so deeply that they could feel it in the depths of their souls. If they survived they might even start a family.

Osamu and Minori, however, were cornered shortly after they settled down to rest. Both of them knew they couldn’t have prevented it from happening. Osamu and his last and closest friend, Minori, had made the best decisions possible given their circumstances and been taken by surprise. No one should have known where they were, but they soon found out how these men knew: Hiten.

Hiten Hatsumori was a Big who had acted as the leader of Retribution for Osamu. Hiten had fallen in love with Minori for a few years, but grew murderously jealous when she chose to be with Osamu. That, on top of everyone admiring the charismatic and easy attitude of the maturing Osamu, moved Hiten to send him on several suicide missions, and sometimes the crime rings had advance knowledge of where he would be. But Osamu always came back alive and well, for the most part. Finally, the Big faked his death and became a traitor. He was smarter than Osamu had ever given him credit for.

Minori, defiant to the end, was killed during the battle. She fought valiantly and fiercely – one of the many aspects that Osamu loved about her. However, they were separated, and she was defeated. She did not speak or beg, but she mouthed to him that she loved him and that she was sorry. Her eyes were wet with tears for the family they'd never get to have and they were so full of pity, for she knew her death was a far more merciful fate compared to what her leader and lover would soon face. Hiten’s knife slid across her throat in one smooth motion and in moments, as she fell her eyes glazed over. She saw and felt no more. Minori was gone in a pool of her life’s blood and her empty eyes gazed forward, still looking at Osamu.

Osamu had just killed two of his assailants when he witnessed her death. He stood there in stunned silence. The chaos that swarmed around him suddenly didn't matter as everything except Minori faded from his attention. His sense of time slowed and faded. He couldn't hear or feel anything as Hiten's gang began to strike him, knocking him back and forth like a pinball machine, but he felt none of it. Nothing could match the crippling pain that had settled into his gut upon seeing her lifeless eyes. He would never be able to hold Minori again. He would never feel her warmth or gaze into her beautiful eyes and see spirit and vitality in them. They would never start their family or share years of memories together in a quiet life of security. His father never had a chance to meet her and embarrass his son at every opportunity...

It wasn't until he received a slash across his chest that he snapped out of his stupor and came crashing back to the present.

Before Osamu could fully process what had happened, he was flooded with emotion. This was the first time he had ever felt blind, burning hate, and it terrified him, making him hate Hiten even more. He wanted revenge, damning revenge. The look he gave his enemies was so full of suffering and ferocity that it made them all hesitate and step back, including Hiten. Their motions seemed to slow and began to appear clumsy as if they were moving through waist-deep water. His vision narrowed to a tunnel leading to Hiten, and he took his opportunity.

Enraged, he charged at Hiten roaring like a beast from hell and plowed through several of the Big's new lackeys before being brought down only feet away from Hiten, who was still stunned. Osamu wanted to rip the Big apart with his bare hands. He wanted to see the older boy suffer through terrifying pain. He refused to be denied his revenge, and surged up from the ground relentlessly.

It took four of the older men in the group to keep him down as he shouted and cried until someone finally struck the back of his head with a studded sap. Everything turned black and he knew no more. He was apprehended and brought to the Crime Lord Teishu, alive, to receive judgment at the hands of the most evil man he had yet encountered in his lifetime.

While he slept, Osamu dreamt of tossing his son in the air and catching him while Minori watched, laughing with her brilliant smile that seemed to shine even against the brightest light. He had his mother’s smile. This was one of the most special days that happened each year, his child’s birthday...

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