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 Sword of Legend, Tyrfing

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PostSubject: Sword of Legend, Tyrfing   Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:16 am

Item name: Tyrfing

Description: A legendary sword forged by the dwarves, this blade has seen many masters. Arngrim came to hold it once in life, and has found it again in death. Its former owner Svafrlami was killed by the berserker Arngrim who took the sword in his turn. (I shit you not, that was on the wiki. XD) Arngrim soon lost it after, during his trials in the mountains. When he found it years later, it was broken and useless, incapable of unleashing its true power, that is until Tara Tertrezo came looking to Join. In exchange for joining the espada, she fixed the sword, and restored it to its former glory.

Tyrfing is a double edged longsword with a cross hilt of gold, in a spiked pattern. gold runs the length of the fuller. The weapon is encrusted with jewels and worth a small fortune, but its power outwieghts its value.


Tyrfing does not rust. you could leave it in water for an exteneded period of time, and it would be fine.

Tyrfing is extremely sharp. It can cut through barriers capable of blocking gran rey from a 1-3 with Arngrim's strength behind it. It can can also cut through most hierro, only characters with strong hierro, 1-2 and up cut withstand the blade.

The sword (said to never miss) grants low psychokinesis over itself to the user, so that its path can be adjusted slightly. A swing that might leave Arngrim wide open would be easier to pull back from, making defense easier. It also makes near misses impossible because he can adjust the swing to make the cut go deeper, so the sword either hits head on or it misses.

The sword gleams like fire. It is naturally attuned to fire based attacks, and in Arngrims hands It increases the damage of his custom fire cero by 20% and allows him to shoot fireballs half as strong as cero, but disables his ability to use gran rey, cero and bala. When weilding Tyrfing, all custom fire cero charge around the blade instead of Arngrim.

Call/banish: The weapon can be summoned to hand, and sent away. Once per thread.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: Only one exists, and it cannot be replicated, because it is a legendary weapon.

Price: 1500?

Praise the Sun!


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PostSubject: Re: Sword of Legend, Tyrfing   Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:55 pm



Rena's Character Roster
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Sword of Legend, Tyrfing
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