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 Rosalina "Rose" Reinhart WIP

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PostSubject: Rosalina "Rose" Reinhart WIP   Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:11 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Information

Name: Rosalina "Rose" Reinhart
Age: Early Twenties
True Age: 1561
Sex: Female
Personality: Rose is a very optimistic, idealistic, happy-go-lucky kind of person. She is very kind, and caring, sharing these traits with her mother. She is also one of the first to jump in, if someone is in trouble, much like her father. However, unlike her father, she will intervene in a fight, if it's one of her friends, or loved ones. Especially if they are in serious trouble. She doesn't extend this to strangers, however. She will also try, and not kill opponents, but she is smart enough to know that this kind of thinking doesn't work always. Despite this, if she decides an enemy is in need of killing, she won't hesitate to strike them down.

Going along with her jumping into fights, Rose is incredibly impulsive, and tends to do things her way, at her own time. She doesn't really like to go with set plans, but she can comply with orders. Most of the time. She is also incredibly easy to get along with, as she tries to cooperative with anyone she is paired with.

Rose has a strange mixture of feelings, for the other races. She is willing to cooperate with anyone, but everyone she works with has one shot for her trust. If they blow it, Rose would, probably, never trust that person again. There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part, they get one shot. She also has a unnatural hatred for Arngrim Wolfcloak. She heard that he is the one who killed her father, and, seeing as she never got to meet Jensen her entire life, she blames Arngrim for this.

Likes: [What does your character like to do? Must have 3]
Fears: [What does your character fear most? Must have 3]

Character Appearance

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 Lbs
Physical Traits:

Rosalina is of average height, with long golden blonde hair that cascades down her back in iridescent waves. One strand of hair stands out, shining silver against the gold. She has lightly tanned skin, not to pale but also not appearing sun worn. She has a toned body and a large bust. Her eyes are light pink with a ring of dark blue around the edge of the iris. She has more of her mothers looks than her fathers, but is considered very beautiful by most people.

Clothing: Rose usually wheres a white long sleeved top with slashes of blue and a black and silver decoration on the sides, blue gloved, white gauntlets with dashes of black, a short tassetted skirt, white with black and gold on the sides, white stockings under high white boots crisscrossed with silver. The heel of her boot is about 4 inches high and the boots themselves stand a little taller off the ground too.
Accessories: [What do they carry with them excluding their zanpakuto. Jewelry, hats, etc. Some accessories may have to be approved in the equipment bored]

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
25% Weakness to Fire

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Sealed Appearance: Rose's sealed Zanpakuto is a straight sword, much like her fathers. However, the blade itself has a curved tip, and has a slight red tint, along with  a dark grey design along the middle, while the edges are silver in color. The hilt is a cross guard, with a hand guard attached, in order to protect Rose's hand. The handle, in contrast to the rest of the blade, is distinctly katana, looking, being wrapped in a red cloth, with the gold of the rest of the hilt able to be seen. The sheeth is a dark red color.

Spirit’s Name: Joō no Reitō Haiki-Mono (Queen of the Frozen Wastes)
Spirit’s Appearance: Joō no Reitō Haiki-Mono takes the form of a pale, lithe young woman. She has incredibly long, pale, blue hair, and piercing, yellow eyes. Her outfit could be described most accurately as a dancers garb. It consist of a dark blue, strapless dress, and she wears a same colored stocking on her right leg. The dress has a golden flower design, on her left hips side. She has a purplish ribbon wrapping around neck, upper body, and tied at her hip. She has on white, armored, stiletto boots. She has finger-less gloves, of the same color as her dress, reaching up past her biceps, and ending in a feather pattern. She has a see-through veil over her mouth, trimmed in gold fabric, and a tiara, with a longer piece of fabric on the back, also ending in a feather pattern. She also has a golden pendant, with a blue gem set in the middle around her neck.

Spirit’s Personality: [How does your zanpakuto's spirit behave]
Inner World: Joō no Reitō Haiki-Mono's world, is a giant auditorium, like the ones where Shakespeare would've been put on. Only, instead of the number of chairs dwarfing the stage, the stage is the biggest part of the room. And, despite it being a room, it can stretch the size of the room, almost infinitely.  
Kidou: [What kidou does your character know? Please refer to the kidou limits thread before choosing]


Call Out Command: Freeze the wasteland, Joō no Reitō Haiki-Mono
Appearance: Joō no Reitō Haiki-Mono, while in Shikai, takes the form of a blue broadsword, with gold trimmings. The blade itself glows, and the area around Rose actually grows colder (Not enough to affect anyone in battle. At most, it is slightly annoying).


Ability Name: Transparent Shield
Description: This ability is always active, even in Bankai, and Toukai. Rose can call forth a shield, on whichever hand she isn't using for her sword. The shield itself is transparent, but is still plainly visible. The shield is made from her rietsu, and therefore can put away, and summoned at will. It can block most ranged fire, but it cannot block the full extent of an energy attack, or explosion.

Ability Name: Ice Resilience
Description: Rose is, naturally, resistant to any ice attacks. In Shikai, she takes 15% less damage from ice, Bankai is 30%, and Toukai is 50%. She is also resistant to natural cold, so she doesn't need jackets, or whatnot in cold climates.

Ability Name: Ice Needles
Description: Rose freezes the moisture in the air, and creates up to ten needles, made of hard ice. Each individual needle moves as fast as a Bala, and are as powerful as one.  

Ability Name: Ice Storm
Description: Rose drops the temperature around even further, than when her Shikai activates. This makes it more difficult to move, and can even (with permission first) freeze entire limbs. Rose is unaffected, but she can only have the "storm" active for 3 posts, with a 3 post cool-down.

Ability Name: Iced Healer
Description: If Rose is cut, a small amount of ice forms over the wound, and can heal  it. It doesn't work on major wounds, anything bigger than her forearm can't be healed. The healing takes 2 posts. The amount of healing grows, in Bankai, and Toukai. At Bankai, she can heal severe wounds, but not internal organs. The healing can go up to 4 posts. At Toukai, she can heal everything, except amputated limbs. The healing also takes, at it's most extreme, 5 posts.

Boosts: Strength, Durability/Stamina All X2


New Name: Megami no Reitō Haiki-Mono (Goddess of the Frozen Wastes)
Appearance: While in Bankai, Rose's attire, and looks change. Her hair becomes shorter, and is tied up, behind a black bow. Her bangs frame her face, and she loses the silver strands of hair, that stuck out. Her outfit now is much more based on a knight. She has a white dress, accented by black, and a black ribbon is tied at her hip, right under where her belly-button is. Rose has two, unattached, puffy sleeves, the same color as her dress on her biceps. She gains armor on her chest, forearms, hips, and legs, all of which is silver in color, with black, leather armor under her gauntlets. .


Ability Name: Ice Shards
Description: Rose can create ice shards, with a limit of up to 5. They are extremely sharp, They are extremely sharp and cut through average hierro and armor easily She can also infuse the shards to explode on impact. These ones have a blue glow to them, and she can infuse certain ones, as in she can have 4 normal shards, and only one explosive one, or have 4 explosive, and one normal. The normal ones are breakable, but the explosive ones are as powerful and as fast as a Cero.
Cool-downs on Exploding Shards:
1 Shard = No cool-down
2 Shards = 1 post cool-down
3 Shards = 2 post cool-down
4 Shards = 3 post cool-down
5 Shards = 4 post cool-down

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: Celestial Slash
Description: An aura of power builds up around her sword, and in a single slash Rose fires a a long, sharp blade of reiatsu from the sword, and follows the line of the slash, that can cut strong hierro. Its as powerful as a Gran Rey, but in Toukai, it is as powerful as a Cero Oscuras. Cool-down of 3 posts, 4 in Toukai. Travels 10 foot before dissipating completely.

Boosts: Strength, Stamina/Durability X3


Name: Kōri no Kami no Joō (God Queen of Ice)
New Appearance: While in Toukai, Rose keeps only the hairstyle, from her Bankai. She now has on a full piece, tight, white jumpsuit, with blue lines on the middle of her chest, going down her back, and down the fron of her legs. She has belts on her torso, going under her armpits, two on her hips, and two above, and below her knees. Rose has a bigger belt, on her waist, connected to it is a cape,like attachment, which is white, and also looks like it was burned at the edges. On her head, she gains a tiara-like head ornament, much like her spirit, only Rose's is white, with flowers going on the top, and reaches down her back, ending near her hips. Her sword now becomes larger, and actually constructed from her own spiritual energy, meaning the blade can be destroyed, but replaced almost instantly. The blade itself is now almost as tall as Rose, reachimg up to her neck, if placed beside her upright. The blade looks like a lightning bolt, with the cutting edge taking on a silver color, and to blunt end having more of a black color.

Abilities: [These are your bankai powers at a new height of god-like potential ( without being god mod )]
Boosts: Strength, Stamina/Durability X4

Back Drop

Background: Rosalina Reinhart is the third child of Jensen and Marie Reinhart, and was born after her father died. She grew up with just her mother, and older brother and sister for guidance. She lived a normal life for the time, but when her brother died in battle, and her elder sister went missing, leaving Rosaline alone with her mother.

(parry's part goes here.)

Though she was a trained shinigami, she never joined the gotei. She was to busy protecting the town she lived in most of her spirit life. However one day, that town was attacked by a sinner, and helpless to do anything against its might, she stayed far away from the battle. This was the first time she met Cara Xios, the Naive spirit who tried to fight the sinner.

Rosa watched the battle, waiting for the right moment to intervene, when Cara was almost killed. However, help arrived in the form of a powerful shinigami. Cara was able to flee, and Rose took the oppertunity to grab her and get them both to the rukongai, where she tended to Cara's wounds. With her only home destroyed, She stayed in rukongai, and when cara left to go home, Rose decided that perhaps it was time to join the gotei. The attack she witnessed, the damage that sinner had caused, was enough to convince her to consider joining the ranks.
Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]
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Rosalina "Rose" Reinhart WIP
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