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 Disturbances in Power

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PostSubject: Disturbances in Power   Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:33 pm

Power. great power. Lucia could feel it. The last time she felt a disturbance this great was when she fought a demonic entity known as Caliborn. Who had injured her so greatly she was now inside her healing crystal in her home in the Kangchenjunga mountains in India where nearly no other creature lives due to the cold and dangers around them. Even professional climbers are daunted by the place.

"Time to awaken.." She said to herself as she phased out of the crystal and generated her clothing before stepping outside into a normal clear day. It seemed a blizzard had just recently ended because she couldn't sense many creatures on the mountain stirring outside in the sunlight as of yet. Her pendant gleamed with the sunlight and she teleported from her hiding place to a city far away in the American region called New York.

She landed in an opening somewhere in the city. She took a glance around and it seemed to be a place of gathering. She was in Central Park and it was bustling with children, pets, families and more. But she wasn't concerned about them at the moment. The tall, skinny, blue haired girl definitely looked a bit out of place in this area but it didn't seem to bother her in the slightest.

After determining the direction of the strongest gathering of spiritual powers in the city, which would be the Coalition Headquarters by far, she headed off in that direction. Trouble was brewing in the near future and it seemed to be calling forth many powers in preparation for it.


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Disturbances in Power
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