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Jun Tomoshibi
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
Post Count Limits on Power I_vote_lcapPost Count Limits on Power I_voting_barPost Count Limits on Power I_vote_rcap 
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PostSubject: Post Count Limits on Power   Post Count Limits on Power EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 11:48 pm

First I would like to inform you that depending on approval or disapproval by staff. Tier's may be used to unlock your powers instead of post count. What would be the point of making tier 1 with a new character when you can. if you don't have enough posts for max power anyways? right? In such cases this following paragraphs ( Again depending on staff approval or disapproval ) will completely SUPERCEDE ( happen first aka replace ) this post count limitation.

A Person gets tier 2-1 on their app. They should get shikai. Name ONE person that is canon that compares to a 2-1 that DOESN'T have shikai ( no matter how shitty it may be ). you probably can't ( i know i can't ). See what I mean by using tiers for unlocking powers too?

However.. say the person has 300 posts right? but they are an arrancar as say their third character and scored a 1-3 app. That means they are considered among the strongest.. but they don't even have segunda according to post limits?? while a person that has 500 posts and is 2-2 arrancar does? How the hell is THAT fair? Granted a 1-3 would hands down whoop a 2-2 even if the 2-2 was IN segunda.. but STILL. How is that FAIR?

The above paragraphs are my examples. This ruling will allow staff to more easily moderate the flux of power being given around the forum while at the same time making it even more fair for everyone. Instead of favoring heavy posters people who stick around, prove their RP, and get some ok detail. can still get high up on the food chain.


Alright here is the list of post count limits on powers. This is not the only way to unlock powers but it is sometimes the easiest depending on the person.


1 post- Shinigami Student

25 posts- Learn Shikai ( use is at half power ) and Shunpo

100 posts- Master Shikai

150 posts- Begin Training for Bankai ( Use is at half half power )

300 posts- Master Bankai

500 posts - Become aware of Toukai ( 50% power but thats still stronger than bankai by a little bit. )

750 posts - Master Toukai - 100% maximum power and true power of their bankai unleashed as their Zanpaktou keeps nothing hidden from them anymore.


**Note** Hollow will be branched off. You can choose to become an arrancar or become a Vasto Lorde. Unlike the series you cannot become a Vasto Lorde AND an arrancar. It will not be allowed. one or the other.

1 post- Basic Hollow -

25 posts- Evolve into Gilian class ( required to become Arrancar)

100 posts- Evolve into Adjuchas class ( requied for vasto lorde or arrancar)

150 posts- Become Arrancar / gain Sonido ( Do not do this if you intend to be Vasto Lorde )

250 posts- Obtain Resurreccion

750 posts - Become Vasto Lorde/Obtain Resurreccion Segunda  ( cannot have become an arrancar in order to BE a vasto lorde )

**Note** Must have at least mastered shikai to become a visored. Post limits take place after achieving enough posts to have shikai. (110 for hollow possession to begin visoreds also won't get Toukai)

10 posts- Hollow Possession begins

25 posts- mask lasts 2 posts

75 posts- mask lasts 4 posts

150 posts- mask lasts 8 posts and unlock Half Hollow form at will lasting 2 posts

300 posts- Achieve Bankai and half hollow form at will lasting 6 posts

500 posts- Full Hollow Posession Form at will lasting 2 posts

750 posts- Full Hollow Posession Form at will.

Note- for special ( extremely Rare ) Vizards that have harmonized with their hollow..mask time is removed. This will be a rare case and I don't expect more than 3 or 4 people forum wide to ever achieve this no matter what.


1 post- You have your powers but they tend to backfire.

30 posts- Powers at half strength and Blur ( Shunpo Equal )

75 posts - Powers at full strength

100 - Fullbring becomes known to you if you choose to have one at half power.

150 posts- second stage unlocked at half power

225 posts - Fullbring is now usable at full power.

300 posts- second stage Mastered - full strength is unlocked

500 posts - Hyper Mode - unlocked for 2 posts

750 posts - Hyper Mode - unlocked

Attention humans who wish to become shinigami or Hollow! you cannot undergo any of the known ways to become a shinigami unless you have mastered your human powers. This is non-negotiable! ( 75 posts )


1 post - form your bow and fire 5 arrows a post effortlessly.

25 posts - Gain Hirenyaku ( Shunpo equal ) ( arrow count doubles 10 )

50 posts - learn one gintou spell - Heizen

100 posts - learn second gintou spell - Gritz ( arrow doubles again 20 )

125 posts - Learn first or two unique arrow power.

150 posts - learn how to properly handle a Scheele Schnieder

200 posts - Learn third gintou spell - Wolke ( arrows double again 40  )

300 posts -  learn second unique arrow power and gain Sanrei Glove, and unlock final form. (you must loose your powers to gain it fully after this point.)

350 posts - learn fourth gintou spell - Sprenger (arrows double again 80 )

450 posts- Learn to use Blut Vene OR Blut Arterie, you cannot have both.

500 posts - Learn Licht Regen ( lose powers and regain them by this point ) Begin training for Vollständig (Can use for it for two posts a thread)

750 posts - Use of Vollständig at will

Quincy and fullbring: Quincy can also learn fullbring, though its much rarer and requires staff permission. Quincy learn fullbring the same way a human does starting at 100 posts, so check out the human post limits regarding fullbring.

Warning! All quincy's that use the Sanrei glove lose their powers upon entering Final form for the first time. This is non-negotiable. You MUST then regain your powers via thread BEFORE anything else can be learned! THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! Once you regain your powers you can then start learning the higher up powers.


1 post - you have your weapon / hellish modification / tentacles..? available to you. But have yet to regain enough strength to have any abilities.

25 posts - you gain your first ability for full use.

100 posts - you gain your second ability for full use.

200 posts - you gain your third ability for full use.

300 posts - you gain your fourth ability for full use.

400 posts - you gain your fiifth ability for full use.

500 posts - you gain your final ability for full use.

750 posts - your mask is no longer required to leave and remain outside of hell.


1 post - Obtain Doll

25 posts - Doll is still not used to Owner, making it not as effective. 25%

100 posts - Doll Becomes closer to the owner, Granting it 50%

300 posts - Doll Becomes very attached and quite obediant Granting 75%

750 Posts - Doll human fusion is aviable and doll uses all 100%


1 post = Normal form 50% power

25 posts= Normal form 75% power

100 posts= Normal form at full power

300posts= Nova Mode at 50% power

750 posts= Nova mode full power


Now that you have seen the post limits and when you can learn what.

Lets discuss how things balance out.

First stage = Shikai = Quincy normal  = Gillian hollow = Bounto without doll = vizard shikai = normal arrancar= Sinner 33% = Serion normal form

Second stage = bankai = Quincy finalform/Letzt Stil = ressureccion = Adjuchas hollow = Bount using doll = vizard bankai = Sinner 66% = Serion Nova mode 50% power

Hyper mode = Toukai = Quincy Vollständig = Segunda = vasto lorde = Bounto/Doll Fusion or 100% = Vizard full hollow form = Sinner 100% = Serion Nova mode Full power

Thats how things balance out. You may ask "where does vizard mask kick in?"

The answer is that kicks in as a temp boost during thread like all boosts.

This is just a grand scheme of things..this is the grand plan. This is what it will happen if no other factors are involved. Your characters unique strengths and weaknesses ( and the vizard's donning their masks ) and their tier level will determine the outcome of these balances clashing together.
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Jun Tomoshibi
Jun Tomoshibi

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Post Count Limits on Power Empty
PostSubject: Re: Post Count Limits on Power   Post Count Limits on Power EmptySat Jan 07, 2017 1:45 am

Powers and how they compare to other powers.

Now.. as with anything. Despite all the balancing attempts done to make things as far as possible. Some characters and races are just going to have some kind of advantage. It's part of the RP. But the least we can do is make sure no one overplays an abilities strength right? So here you go!

Bala - Now this is basically a condensed Cero that gives up power for being 20X faster than Cero. Which makes it akin to hadou no 4 and quincy arrows and bullets I guess in terms of speed. but in terms of power it's actually weakened to be between hadou 4 and hadou 31 in strength depending on who is using it. On the forum I would say that no matter how gifted and powerful the user is with Bala it will never exceed the power of a hadou past the 40th level.

Cero - Bleach fans recognize the word that means someone just fired a big beam of death at someone else. On the forum this thing is able to be on par with Hadou within the range of 52 and 63 depending on how effective, or lack thereof, the user is of this power.

Gran Rey Cero - a special cero that requires users blood to be mixed with a normal cero to form this thing. It's clearly superior to any normal cero on the show and we keep that here. On the forum it is able to block/counter and otherwise be on par with any hadou up to the 82nd level. This also means Bakudo 81: Danku which can block up to the 89th level. Can block this cero and anything as powerful as this cero.

Cero Oscuras - Now while we only see this special cero in the released form of Arrancar.. It's still made to look like it is infact even more superior to the already stronger than normal Gran Rey Cero. Which is reflected here as well. On the forum this cero can take any kidou up to the 89th level and can effectively OVERCOME Bakudo 81: Danku dealing severe damage or minor damage after breaking it depending on strengths and weaknesses of both users.

Forbidden Kidou - While they've always been shown to be these almighty end all abilities there isn't really anything else that can feasibly be compared to them. on the forum this is the pinnacle of damaging power. You don't want to take this hit unless you are a tank character and you are relatively uninjured or at least not in bad shape. Anything compared TO this level of damage will effectively screw up someone in some way if it hits them.

Final/Trump Attacks - These are forum specials that characters make up for themselves. These are the ONLY feasible moments where Forbidden Kidou isn't the damage cap and generally the power drastically drops depending on factors. This attacks are allowed to be so powerful because once used your character is done. Not half done. not I can fight weakly and uselessly done. you are done. You'd be lucky if you got to remain conscious. These will almost always have enough power behind them to scare even the strongest of characters. It doesn't mean you'd die if it hit you. Though I don't suggest anyone willingly just full on tank one of these.. but still.

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Post Count Limits on Power
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