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 equipment for Meisalu

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PostSubject: equipment for Meisalu   Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:12 am

Meisalu uses a crossbow in battle. It is a small weapon but packs a punch, and fires a silent and undetable bolt (gives off no reiatsu signature in otherwords) that can peirce a strong hierro with ease. But thats all it does, piercing damage. Its a repeater crossbow too, and can hold 3 bolts. The down fall is the clip is built in, and she must hand load it after three shots. The bolts are mostly reusable, if she can find them. The frame of the crossbow is made from a highly durable material and can block most weapons. She carries a quiver with 30 bolts, each bolt is one and a half foot long.

Gloves of lightning.
These black leather gloves are designed to deflect and stop blades, and allow Meisalu to deflect energy attacks with her hands. The palms have a node that concentrates reiatsu in a protective layer around the palm and fingers of the hand. This protective layer is uncuttable, but the gloves rely on the users reiatsu to function, and can weaken in drawn out battles. upon entering fatigue state, the protective reiatsu layer disolves, and can not be reactivated until meisalu has left fatigue state.

Finally, these gloves can be used to lightly manipulate lightning. She can fire lighning attacks of varying degrees, from a bolt the power of a bala, to one as strong as a hado 88. The gloves also use up her reiatsu, and these abilities are unavailable during fatigue state.

Electrical distcharge = half a bala, no post limit. When she hits with her glove(striking a weapon doesn't count) she sends a burst of electricity into her target.
weak bolt= 1 bala, no limit per post. A single bolt of lightning is shot from a glove, or two fired from both.
strong bolt = hado 31, 1 per post. A single large bolt of lightnigh is shot from both gloves
Lightning barrage = hado 88 in total power, 3 post cool down. 3 powerful bolts are fired from both glves.
Electrical surge = 1 cero, 2 post cooldown. When Meisalu strikes the ground she sends out a dome of electricty around her.
Shocking wave = 1 cero 2 post cooldown. A wave of lightning launched from a punch.

how many/who has them: thier both for her only.

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PostSubject: Re: equipment for Meisalu   Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:58 pm

I see no wrong. XD Approval is granted.

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equipment for Meisalu
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