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 Equipment for Cara Xios

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PostSubject: Equipment for Cara Xios   Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:53 pm

Item name: Bone knives

Description: Hand crafted knives made of bone, these weapons are as sharp and hard as Zan steel. Cara's father made for her, to be given to her when he decided she had completed her training with him. the blade is rounghly six inches long, and the handle is about 4 inches long.  

Effect: Beyond being as sharp and hard as Zan steel, they have no real power.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1 pair, Cara Xios owns them.

Price: 300

Item name: Tomahawk

Description: Her father's old Zanpakuto, she took it from his body when he died. It is just a blank slate now, the spirit within lost with her father. She keeps it with her and uses it to fight as much as she uses her knives and claws. its about 2 foot in length with a 3 inch long counter spike on the back of the axehead

Effect: Its an old Zan, albeit heavily modified by her father. Its as strong as Zan steel, obviously, but has no power.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1, Cara Xios owns it.

Price: 300

Item name: Diath's hair clips

Description:  these are small hair clips, a blue and pink one, nothing fancy. They were Cara's mothers, given to her by Grainne. She doesn't wear them but clips them to her jacket instead.


Blue Hair clip: This hair clip dematerailses and stores all of Cara's clothing and held items, including her zanpakuto and the pink hair clip, when activated by feeding a small amount of reiatsu. It then becomes part of her upon changing into a Falcon

Pink Hair clip: When Cara feeds this hairclip a small amount of reiatsu it transforms into a short spear of 5 feet. The spear is as hard as zan steel. The head can switch from a blunt object to as sharp as her unreleased zanpakuto at the touch of a button.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1 pair.

Price: these were Daiths. Up to you if you want to charge for em.

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Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
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Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
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PostSubject: Re: Equipment for Cara Xios   Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:09 pm

Approved. Prices are fine.

Character Roster with links to Apps
Gráinne Xios (Black) 0 Shinigami (Neroamee)
Kaytlyn Kal'Dior 1-1 Valarion
Laura Fisher (Red) 1-2 Human
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Clara Firestorm 1-1 Vizard
Elsa Arendelle 1-1 Human
Tadatomo Fukushima (Experiment 13) 1-2 Human
Zachary Gillam 2-1 Human
Isabella Solaris 1-2 Sinner (Solaire)
Krosis 1-1(2-1) Serion
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Equipment for Cara Xios
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